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October 08, 2016

Not many of us go for too much time in our busy lives that we don’t feel stress of some sort. There are so many ways to describe stress that I won’t attempt to do so in this article. I was working with a young lady not too long ago whose family has been through some very difficult and stressful times. I felt strongly to recommend she use the herb ashwagandha

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Drugging Our Water?

September 08, 2016












 “Drugging Our Water?” this was the battle cry for people who didn’t want fluoride added to their municipal water sources as a medicament. We don’t hear much about this anymore.  According to a newscast in the last century the altruistic dentists who promoted fluoridating the water should all be out of business by now.  Now that the dust has settled, we see that the cavity rate is not lower in fluoridated cities, and that maybe fluoride doesn’t prevent cavities. Interestingly we have more dentists than ever and they are all staying busy.  Just try to get an appointment at a reasonable time. 

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