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Spirulina: A Superfood with Superpowers

August 05, 2018

In its natural form, Spirulina is found as blue-green algae that resides in the warm oceans and lakes of the world. This super substance is amazing and we are still finding the extent of its health benefits on the human body. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. Spirulina is full of nutrients and is known as a superfood comprised of 100% natural asset to our health with no bad ingredients or harmful side effects! Spirulina also contains 9 different essential amino acids.

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Herbal Answers for Men’s Health

May 31, 2018

Health problems have plagued men long before the advent of the expensive drugs seen advertised on television and in magazines. Yet, before these big, and often risky, pharmaceuticals existed men still needed treatment for common problems such as low testosterone and prostate health. For centuries herbs were used to effectively treat these health concerns. It turns out that these potent remedies of the past still hold healing powers for today’s men. Read on to find out the top three herbs to treat common health concerns for the men in your life.

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