Our spectrum of services provide an integrative, therapeutic approach to healing and restoration.


We believe prevention is the best practice, and there are many different pathways based on individual need. In addition to prevention practice, we offer services that aid in treatment, addiction recovery, and mind and body restoration.





Yoga and meditation bring mind, body and soul into alignment and towards inner peace. Together, they facilitate physical and psychological healing for anxiety, insomnia, depression, immune disorders, chronic pain, physical injuries, addiction recovery, mental clarity, self awareness and self acceptance.



Acupuncture, Facials and Massage

Acupuncture and complementary massage therapies are great natural resources for increasing one’s life force, accessing fast pain relief, remedying allergies and dysfunctions, attending to emotional issues and insomnia, aiding in addiction cessation and a release from depreciative habits.



Blood Chemistry Analysis and Cognitive Function Testing

Blood Chemistry Analysis is a prevention centric approach to health management and longevity. Using a comprehensive testing panel, we are able to identify existing nutritional deficiencies and developing imbalances to prevent the manifestation of serious complications and disease later in life. This measure allows patients to track bodily changes over time, adapting proactively.

The results are used to formulate appropriate dietary changes and nutritional recommendations that will support the body’s vital organs, systems and functions; leading the individual back to a state of reclaimed health and greater mental clarity with insight into optimizing cognitive function.



Magnetic Resonance Therapy

The Magnetic Resonance Therapy immerses the entire body in a uniform, natural magnetic field for cellular regeneration.

MRT is widely used for pain management and inflammation reduction, accelerated bone, muscle and tissue healing, blood oxygenation and circulation, sleep improvement, migraine treatment, cholesterol and blood pressure regulation and significant reduction of recovery time for physical trauma.

Psychologically, MRT therapies are known for their remarkable capacity to treat PTSD, anxiety and depression, autism in a natural and non-invasive way.



Nutritional Assessment and Dietary Counseling

Nutritional counseling is an ongoing process between patient and practitioner where dietary assessment is used to identify necessary and actionable change in the patient’s diet to improve health and optimize wellbeing. After a comprehensive assessment is made, an individual plan is formulated around skills and ability to implement recommended lifestyle changes. This roadmap is uniquely tailored and outlines recommendations for shopping, preparations and a framework for understanding the dietary plan so results are both measurable and meaningful.



Cooking Classes and Wellness Workshops

Food is one of the greatest pathways to well being. We offer a series of different cooking classes and wellness workshops that enable participants to better choose their food and way of living by ingredient; and how lifestyle changes can become nurturing practices to wholeness. We demonstrate how improved eating habits combined with common culinary herbs, teas and spices can be incorporated into everyday diets to enhance cognitive processing and other physical functions, support vitality and promote longevity.



Check back with us soon as we announce our upcoming schedule for wellness services, treatments, classes and workshops.