Body Chemistry Analysis

Nutritional Balancing thru Body Chemistry Analysis

 What to Expect: Your First Visit

The Body Chemistry Analysis is an accurate screening method using standard laboratory equipment to pinpoint the imbalances in the body that measures the constituents and residues in a sample of urine and saliva to determine an individual’s state of health and reveals the diet required to return one to optimal well-being.

 The Body Chemistry Analysis is a non-invasive assessment, providing the following information:

  • the amount of potential energy and oxygen levels
  • how efficiently nutrients are being assimilated
  • digestive and liver function
  • the body's ability to dispose cellular waste
  • the level of hydration in the body and electrolyte balance
  • how well protein is being broken down in the small intestine
  • the body’s need for potassium
  • how much putrefactive wastes are being reabsorbed from the bowel
  • vitamin and mineral deficiencies and much more

Armed with this information we can design an individualized diet and supplement program, relieving biochemical stress to help restore and maintain optimum health.

By correcting tissue mineral levels and ratios with proper diet, supplementary nutrients and lifestyle modifications, many physical and behavioral health conditions will improve.

We offer nutritional information and services to help you cooperate with your doctor in your mutual plan of health building.  The information contained within this website is for general information purposes only and is not intended to address individual medical conditions. Always consult your physician for medical advice. This information is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any specific disease. If you choose to use any of this information for such purposes, you are exercising your Constitutional right of Freedom of Choice, and must accept full responsibility for the outcome. 

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