Tribest Solo Star II Single Auger Juicer

  • The Solostar Juicer II has really set the bar for single auger juice extractors. The Tribest Solostar Juicer II uses a dual-stage extraction process, to help guarantee that the pulp from the food being juiced is as dry as possible. By having dryer pulp, this means you will get the most juice from the foods being juiced. Just like their other Tribest Juicers, the Solostar Juicer II spins its auger at a slow RPM to ensure that there is very little heat created during the juicing process. Less heat means less oxidization in the juice being created. The Tribest Solostar Juicer II is able to juice wheatgrass, fruits, and vegetables with no problem. The Solostar Juicer II is not just great for making juices, but can also make nut butters, pates, and sorbets. The Tribest Solostar Juicer II comes with a 5 year warranty through Tribest.
  • Tribest Solostar Juicer II Product Features

    • 180 watts
    • Maximum yield of juice
    • Virtually no heat is produced
    • SoloStar Juicer is about 4 hp w/ gear reduction
    • Extremely low 80 RPM juicer
    • Exclusive dual-stage juicing process
    • 19" L x 9" W x 9" H 
    • 5 Year Warranty
    • UL/CE listed
    • Multipurpose fruit, vegetable, and wheatgrass juicer

    Category: juicer

    Type: Household

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