Tribest GSE-5000 Green Star Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Juicer

  • Tribest Green Star Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Juicer
    The latest in Twin Gear technology has been incorporated into the newest addition to the Green Star line, the Green Star Elite! This juicer uses a three stage process to ensure you get the highest extraction possible! The twin gears first crush, then the ingredients are mixed together and finally the juice is pressed from the puree resulting it very dry pulp with each use. This higher juice yield means that you will go through fewer fruits and vegetables and still get the same nutrient packed juice. The nutrients of the juice are preserved thanks to the low 110 rpm speed of the new Elite juicer. The Elite Green Star also comes equipped with an easily adjustable outlet knob allowing you to set the pressure inside the machine quickly and juice a wider variety of fruits or vegetables. The Green Star Elite does not just juice! The Elite model comes equipped with a bread stick knob as well as the bread stick screen for added versatility. 

    The Green Star Elite is also equipped with more safety features than any other Green Star before. The GSE-5000 has an automatic shut off if the safety hood is removed. This safety feature eliminates your chances of interacting moving parts. The new sleek design of this unit means that there are fewer parts, which also means that clean up is easier. When it does come time to clean up you can invert the safety hood and use it to hold the clean juicer parts, which in turn saves storage space as well as drying space.
  • Green Star Elite Features and Specifications:

    • 120V/60Hz
    • 190W Motor
    • Jumbo Twin Gears
    • 3-Stage Juice Extraction
    • Adjustable Outlet Knob
    • Bread Stick Knob
    • Carrying Handle
    • 4 Different Screens
      • Fine Screen
      • Coarse Screen
      • Homogenizing Screen
      • Bread stick Screen
    • Juice Pitcher
    • Strainer
    • Cleaning Brush
    • Plastic and Wooden Plungers
    • Removable Power Cord
    • 18.25" x 6.88" x 12.50"
    • New Extented 12 Year WARRANTY

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