Freshlife Automatic Sprouter

  • Tribest's FreshLife Sprouter is automatic, easy to use, and costs only pennies a day to run. It delivers a continous supply of fresh water and air to provide a simple, convenient way to grow fresh, tender and natural live sprouts in the convenience of your own home.

    When you use organic seeds, you will especially enjoy fresh sprouts free from chemicals or pesticides. Enjoy wheatgrass, but it's just a hassle to grow or to take care of? This is your easy solution. Our Freshlife Sprouter works miracles with wheatgrass. You'll love harvesting your own wheatgrass when you want fresh wheatgrass juice.t
  • For indoor use only in room temperatures of 65F to 85F (18.3C to 29.4C) for the sole purpose of growing sprouts and cereal grasses, and for no other purposes.

    Features an automatic sprinkling system to produce fresh, nutritious and tender sprouts.

    Inexpensive to operate and easy to clean

    Enables you to enjoy nutritional natural food all year round.

    Can grow your own nutritional sprouts and wheatgrass! Wheatgrass has been proven to be one of the most nutritional foods on the earth

    Time required to grow sprouts at 64F:
    Alfalfa 5-6 days
    Broccoli 5-6 days
    Corn 5-6 days
    Mungbeans 4-5 days
    Radish Seeds 5-6 days
    Sesame 5-6 days
    Soybeans 4-5 days
    Sunflower 5-6 days
    Wheat 4-5 days
    Other Seeds 4-7 days

  • 11.2 [w] x 13.6 [h] x 11.2 [d] in

Weight: 6.0 lbs.
1 Year Limited Warranty

Category: Sprouters

Type: Household

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