Which water is best for your body?

A. Tap
B. Spring
C. Distilled

The answer is distilled.  

Distilled water is the perfect water for changing and maintaining proper body chemistry.

​Here's why.  First, the process of distillation makes the water higher in energy.  

​Second, water, just like food, has to be converted to the frequency of the body.  Because distilled water is wet, high energy water, it can be converted to the frequency of the body easier than any other type of water.

Third, distilled water moves through the membranes of the human body easier than any other type of water because it is wetter, high energy, and polarized.  This means that it is able to help remove and control the toxic waste substances.

​Therefore, the best water for your body is steam distilled water.  Steam distilled water molecules contain the highest energy of any drinking water, because distillation polarizes each water molecule.  This results in water that is far superior for moving energy in and through cell membranes.  

Remember, your body is 70-80 percent water and all body chemistry reactions take place in water solutions.  The more mineral a water molecule carries, the less polarized it is and the lower in energy it is.  

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