What to Expect

A Partnership!!!
First and foremost, we are teachers!  We choose to educate, support and empower our clients to assume responsibility for their own well-being by adopting healthier lifestyle choices. Remember there is only one person responsible for your health and well-being and that's you! 
Before your first appointment
  • Bring commitment 
  • Willingness to cooperate and
  • Determination to follow-through on living life with increased energy, mental clarity and vitality.
What to Expect...  You can expect to be a priority!
During our initial visit, we will review your lifestyle plan, analysis and questionnaire.  Together, over the course of a few sessions, we seek to address the root cause of any imbalances and provide natural, simple and realistic ways to support your body needs.  This may include an individualized eating plan, nutritional guidance, assistance with food selection and planning, physical activity and eating behavior strategies, lifestyle modifications, healthy cooking tips, information on food label interpretation, or other suggestions depending on your situation. 
​Follow-up consultation 
A follow-up consult is usually required 2-4 weeks following the initial consultation. The follow-up assesses the previous recommendations and appropriate recommendations are made.  The follow-up consultation generally runs 30 minutes.
Subsequent visits 
​The number of subsequent appointments varies depending on your situation.