The Olive Pledge


The childhood obesity epidemic in America is a national health crisis. Children are plagued with diseases once reserved for adults.  On top of that, today's generation of children may not outlive their parents due to illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

This alarming reality is due in part to the consumption of processed foods high in fat and preservatives with little to no nutrients coupled with an inactive lifestyle.

Addressing these critical issues requires a close examination of the underlying cause.  Achieving health requires more than just controlling disease.  We can no longer afford to sit back and watch this epidemic.  We have to make a change and reverse the trend.


The time is now to take a stand on behalf of our children’s health.  How do we begin to move past information to implementation?


We start with a pledge and commit to making choices everyday that supports our children’s development, affording them the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Join us and commit to creating a happier, healthier, more balanced generation!