The Ascension Wellness Plan

Creating a healthy body and radiant skin begins with awareness: knowing where you are, biochemically speaking, where you would like to be, and how fast you would like to get there-- all depends on you.  At Olive Seed, our practitioners get a deeper view of our clients health by using our Body Chemistry Analysis Process prior to treatment.  Olive Seed also created the Ascension Wellness Plan, which is an individualized and results-driven combination of therapies to help clients reach a total tune-up in 12 weeks.   
1.  Identify the Root Cause
We believe that clients must seek to identify and remove the underlying causes of illness, rather than suppress symptoms.  Symptoms are the body's attempt to heal and should not be suppressed.  
2.  Build with Nourishment
We believe that by giving the body what it is lacking, the body will have the opportunity to heal itself.  We support clients in overcoming illness in the body, by helping them not only nourishing the body, but by creating healthy lifestyles that last a lifetime.
3.  Encourage, Empower and Support You to Reach Your Full Potential
We believe our major role is to educate and encourage the client to take responsibility for their health, and to be a catalyst for healthful change.  It is the client's commitment that ultimately creates and accomplishes healing.
4.  Participate in the Prevention of Illness and Sustained Wellness
The ultimate goal of intergrative medicine is prevention of disease, which is accomplished through working in partnership with the client to promote life habits that create good health.  The emphasis is on building health rather than fighting disease.

We look forward to the opportunity to explore the root cause of your issue(s) and help educate you of the natural alternatives available that will help you to live an exuberant life!


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