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Nutritional Balancing thru Body Chemistry Analysis

 What to Expect: Your First Visit


The Body Chemistry Analysis is an accurate screening method using standard laboratory equipment to pinpoint the imbalances in the body that measures the constituents and residues in a sample of urine and saliva to determine an individual’s state of health and reveals the diet required to return one to optimal well-being. 

The Body Chemistry Analysis is a non-invasive assessment, providing the following information:  

Armed with this information our practitioner can design individualized diet and supplement programs, relieving biochemical stress to help restore and maintain optimum health.

By correcting tissue mineral levels and ratios with proper diet, supplementary nutrients and lifestyle modifications, many physical and behavioral health conditions will improve.


Herbal Medicine 

Herbal medicine is the therapeutic utilization of plants and herbs to retrain the system to find its balance.

At Olive Seed we use herbs to compliment our holistic health modalities.  Herbs are highly effective and safe in the proper dosages and when used correctly with other treatments.

Herbs can be prepared in many forms, including teas, salves, ointments, liniments, syrups, poultice, oils, tinctures or capsules.  Custom herbal blends are also available.





Hydrotherapy is the medicinal use of water to relieve discomfort and promote physical wellbeing. These health benefits come from the mechanical and thermal effects of water interacting with the body. It includes the application of water in any form and sometimes the delivery of minerals or herbal treatments to manipulate the body’s flow of blood, the endocrine system and associated neural systems in order to treat the symptoms of certain diseases.

The Delivery of Hydrotherapy to the Body

In addition to a whirlpool tub or soaking bath there are other popular methods to deliver hydrotherapy benefits to the body.  Below is brief description of some of them:


A herbal preparation is made by dipping a soft cloth in an infusion, decoction or water, wringing it out and placing it on the area of the body deemed appropriate for treating.  This technique is used to draw out poison, reduce inflammation or reduce pain.  Compress is also called a fomentation.


Poultices use herbs, usually mashed into a paste and applied onto the area deemed appropriate for treating, covered with a mueslin cloth.  You can also grate the herbal plant material with ginger or potato which is traditionally used as a poultice for boils. To prevent irritation when using spicy herbs such as ginger, cayenne, and mustard, put several layers of muslin cloth between the paste and your skin.


Inhalations deliver hot or cold water to the body inhaled into the lungs. Many times, these inhalations are used to treat lung issues and will include vapors with properties that alleviate congestion, like eucalyptus.  Other aromatic oils, like camphor, wintergreen and mints of various types, can be used to some benefit.

Steam inhalation: Here water is boiled in a large stainless steel pot. Steam is inhaled. Steam inhalation provides relief from sinus infections and nasal congestion. 

Sitz bath: The Sitz bath is a hot tub of water used to increase circulation in the lower pelvic region, to treat mineral deficiencies in the lower colon, rectal area, reproductive organs or if there are homorrhoids. 

Mustard Foot Bath: In this type of foot bath, the feet are immersed in very warm water with one tablespoon of  yellow mustard powder for 20 - 30 minutes. A hot mustard foot bath is excellent for clearing the head and lung regions of congestion.


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