Nutritional Balancing thru Body Chemistry Analysis

What to Expect: Your First Visit


The body chemistry analysis is an accurate assessment using standard laboratory equipment to pinpoint the imbalances in the body that measures the constituents and residues in a sample of urine and saliva to determine an individual’s state of health and reveals the diet required to return one to optimal well-being. It provides vital information on digestion, blood carbohydrates, cellular health, oxygen availability, protein digestion, the state of hydration in the body, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and much more.

Body Chemistry Analysis assesses:


From these results a program is tailored to suit your individual biochemical needs.  In order to function optimally the body requires balance, which allows the body to heal and return to wellness.

Armed with this information our practitioner can change your diet to minimize energy loss and maximize energy gain at the cellular level in your body which eliminates the guesswork when it comes to diet and lifestyle.  WHY GUESS WHEN YOU CAN BE SURE?




At Olive Seed we use Herbology to compliment our holistic health modalities.  Herbs are highly effective and safe in the proper dosages and when used correctly with other treatments. Herbs can be prepared in many forms, including teas, salves, ointments, liniments, syrups, poultice, oils, tinctures or capsules. 






The use of water (hot, cold or steam) to bring about healing and maintain optimal health.  Hydrotherapy has a great affect in stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities, which increases the body’s vitality. This treatment is for clients to perform at home.



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