Horseradish Remedies

Herbalists have used horseradish for centuries to treat kidney stones and like conditions.  Always use fresh horseradish.  Grated horseradish, mixed with apple cider vinegar in a closed container will last indefinitely in the refrigerator.  Cooking horseradish voids medicinal effect. 


Horseradish and Lemon Juice

This recipe is a remedy for colds, sinus and bronchial tubes congestion as horseradish is a very effective expectorant.
Grate fresh horseradish into a bowl add enough freshly squeezed lemon juice to make a paste Take 1/2 teaspoon 2-3 times a day or as needed.




Blemish Blaster

4 oz. freshly grated horseradish 1 quart buttermilk 4 oz glycerine Place all ingredients in a half-gallon jar and shake well. Store in a cool place overnight. Shake well and strain through a cheese cloth or fine strainer. Store in a tight lid container (such as a Mason Jar) in the refrigerator. 


Before bed, wash the blemished area on your face you want to treat. Rub the horseradish lotion into the desired spot until the skin tingles with warmth. Wipe off excess.  The Blemish Blaster will stimulate the skin and bleach out discolorations.