Healthy Kids

Olive Seed mission is to enhance health promotion and disease prevention through education, service and community partnerships.  Our programs provide access and involvement in a variety of learning opportunities that promote consistent messages about the importance of healthy eating in concert with daily physical activity. Our vision is to accredit students, their families and the communities in which they live, with active education that is sustainable and suggests total health and wellbeing.

 Now more than ever, children are faced with health issues once reserved for adults.  Poor nutrition and the lack of physical education have manifested themselves in our nation’s primary schools.  To combat this trend, Olive Seed educators are preparing children to make lifestyle choices that will help them grow into healthy adults.

The Healthy Star program is a food, function and fitness enterprise that encourages children to make the most out of their health and wellness intake.  Our intention is to educate Stars everywhere to live abundantly with nutrient rich foods and fitness regimens guaranteeing them maximum potential.  As a means to address one of the nation's leading public health threats--childhood obesity, we now offer cooking classes for children.
Our workshops are fun and educational, covering a range of nutritional topics, tailored to fit the needs of the group. The Healthy Star workshop include group activities, food demonstrations, tastings, and discussions.  Although a child will never be forced to try new foods, the workshop uses creative techniques to inspire children to try new foods.