The Gift of Yarrow for Valentine's Day

Marketers would have you believe that sharing sugary, processed candy is the best way to express love at Valentine’s Day, but what if this year rather than overindulging in sugary candy, you showed your love by incorporating something that is actually good for you and your loved ones? English folklore believes yarrow to symbolize everlasting love, and in the Language of Herbs, yarrow means EVERLASTING LOVE. What better way to show your love than to include yarrow in your herbal regime this Valentine's Day and beyond?

Yarrow comes from a flowering plant that grows in temperate regions around the world. Naturally rich in antioxidants, yarrow has been used for its medicinal properties since ancient times. Among its top benefits yarrow is known for helping to reduce inflammation throughout the body, reducing arthritic pain, and improving blood circulation. Additionally, its diuretic properties help to flush out and cleanse the body. Thanks to its ability to soothe coughs (antispasmodic) and reduce fever it is useful in the treatment of colds and other illnesses. Because it is a natural antiseptic, yarrow can also be used externally to treat wounds and cuts.

Try It: This Valentine’s Day (and beyond), add the herb known as ‘everlasting love’ into you and your loved ones’ routine as a tea, tincture, or in the form of a high quality supplement.