Herbal Answers for Men’s Health

Health problems have plagued men long before the advent of the expensive drugs seen advertised on television and in magazines. Yet, before these big, and often risky, pharmaceuticals existed men still needed treatment for common problems such as low testosterone and prostate health. For centuries herbs were used to effectively treat these health concerns. It turns out that these potent remedies of the past still hold healing powers for today’s men. Read on to find out the top three herbs to treat common health concerns for the men in your life.



Concern: Prostate Health
Herbal Answer: Turmeric. This spice has long been highly regarded and frequently used in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Turmeric’s super food status is backed by scientists with studies documenting its supreme powers. A study in the Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy found turmeric to provide protective effects to the prostate and a University of Texas study showed turmeric to have impressive results in stopping prostate cancer cells.  Turmeric can be used to provide color and flavor to your meals, added to your tea or smoothie for an anti-inflammatory beverage or taken as a supplement in capsules.


Concern: Testosterone Levels and Reproductive Health

Herbal Answer: Saw Palmetto. A powerful plant used for years in Europe to treat Benign Prostatic Hyperlasia (BHA), a condition in which the prostate becomes enlarged. Saw palmetto has also been shown to be effective in balancing testosterone levels, which can in turn boost fertility and reproductive health. One of the greatest advantages of saw palmetto is that, unlike synthetic supplements, it does not raise testosterone to excess levels. Saw Palmetto can be used as a supplement or made into a powerful tea beverage. 


Concern: Nutritional Support; Sperm Quality and Quantity

Herbal Answer: Pine Bark. Pine bark possesses an exceptionally high antioxidant content, making it an important supplement for overall nutrition and wellness. The high antioxidant content particularly the antioxidant proanthocyanidin helps to support and increase the number of healthy sperm while decreasing the amount of unhealthy sperm. Pine bark extract can be found in liquid, tablet or capsule form and creams, lotions or ointments.


The information presented above is for informational, reference and educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by a health care professional. Although, the information presented herein is based on material provided by researchers and sources deemed reliable, I do not presume to give medical advice. Anyone wishing to use this information should share it with his or her health care provider before embarking on any therapeutic program. It is your responsibility to discuss any alternative or natural remedy with your health care provider before using it.