Herb for the Heart: Hawthorn


For all of the miracles of modern medicine, sometimes it can seem as though today’s researchers are only seeking to reinvent the wheel when we stop to take a look at the multitude of benefits ancient herbal medicine has offered us for centuries. While Western medicine has its place, it is worth taking the time to learn the healing advantages centuries of wisdom and experience herbs can provide for us. One such herb with potent and impressive results worth learning about is hawthorn.

What is Hawthorn?

Hawthorn is a member of the rose family of plants. It comes from a small tree, but don’t let its small size fool you, a great deal of healing power is contained in this diminutive tree.

What Are Hawthorn’s Uses?

Associate the ‘h’ in hawthorn with the ‘h’ in heart because among its other uses hawthorn is a powerful ally for many heart related issues. Hawthorn can help with circulatory problems and lower high blood pressure. It has long been part of holistic practitioners’ remedies for atherosclerosis, angina, and congestive heart failure.

In addition to these heart related troubles, hawthorn has been used to treat respiratory problems and even help people stop smoking.

How Can I Use Hawthorn to Help Me?

Hawthorn is an excellent herb to have in your health arsenal.  Available in capsules, loose tea blends, extract, and syrup.