Cayenne: The Circulatory Stimulant

One of the most important uses of Cayenne is as a circulatory stimulant, an herb that feeds the necessary elements into the cell structure of the arteries, veins, and capillaries so that they, regain youthful elasticity and so that the blood pressure reduces itself to normal. When the venous structure becomes loaded with sticky mucus, the blood cannot circulate freely, so higher pressure is needed to force the blood through.  Cayenne equalizes the blood pressure, influencing the heart immediately, and then extending its effects to the venous structure. It also works to cut the mucus in the venous system, and indeed in all the systems throughout the body.

Cayenne facilitates blood flow throughout the body, it will keep the heart going. Used as a heart attack preventative, along with a healthful, mucus-less life-style, Cayenne can do wonders in toning and rebuilding the heart and keeping it in top condition.  Cayenne is also one of the richest and most stable sources of Vitamin E, which is known to be a heart builder.