Vitex: Natural Hormone Balancing

Walk the aisle of any superstore today and you are likely to be met with hundreds of chemical formulations to deal with any complaint you may have. But, as people are learning more about the unwanted side effects many of these drugs may have, increasing numbers of people are turning to the treatments their ancestors used: herbal remedies. One herbal remedy that is rapidly growing in popularity is Vitex.
What is Vitex?

Vitex, or chasteberry as it is sometimes known, is a flowering plant that produces berries. The berries have medicinal properties that are useful for fighting a variety of conditions, particularly those related to women’s health and wellness.

What Are Vitex’s Uses? 

Vitex is credited with being useful for several concerns related to hormones and the effects they have on women’s well-being. Women dealing with breast tenderness, polycystic ovary syndrome, and premenstrual syndrome symptoms are often advised to use vitex. More recently, researchers have begun to recognize vitex’s ability to help with some of the unpleasant effects of menopause because of its ability to restore hormonal balance.

How Can I Incorporate Vitex into My Regime?

If you are interested in receiving the benefits of vitex can get them by drinking it as a tonic or eating the berries.  For practical purposes, it is often easier to take vitex dried and encapsulated in a pill form.