Snack for Wellbeing and Academic Performance (SWAP)

The National survey data show 88% of adolescents consume at lease one snack per day, with a range of 1 to 7.  The prevalence of snacking and proportion of calories and nutrients from foods consumed as snacks has risen.  Food choices tend to be high in sugar, sodium, and fat while relatively low in vitamins and minerals.  Since adolescents and adults often snack on what is readily available, healthy food choices should be emphasized. 

The SWAP program specifically enhances food security with direct access to healthier snack choices all while executing such in an interactive experience. Designed to provide access to quality foods and beverages that are sustainable, healthy and encourage maximum academic performance; The Olive Seed SWAP program is ideal for school districts and community organizations alike as it supports the nutritional needs of staff and the community as one being.

We help you make it easier for children and families to make healthier food choices by providing healthy food and beverage sampling mixers.  For more information or to schedule a product mixer at your school or community center email