Tips for Raising A Healthy Child

As a parent, you are an important teacher of health care and health information for your child.  Here are five tips to help you succeed at this important job.

1. Feed your child a variety of fruits and vegetables.  A variety of fruits and vegetables provide an array of nutrients with health benefits and protection against disease.  Each color contains unique health components that are essential to your child's health and development.

2. Use non-toxic household and person care products. Toxic chemicals negatively affect every system in your body. All purpose cleaners often contain ammonia, a strong irritant that has been linked to liver and kidney damage.  Personal care products with phthalates has been shown to disturb the hormonal and sexual development of boys, even at relatively low levels.  To minimize, or better yet reduce the toxins in your home  research each product purchased or make your own to ensure you are choosing the best, most natural option possible.  

3. Stock the pantry with healthy snacks.  Healthier snack options can play an important role in boosting nutrition and energy between meals.  Keep in mind, children often eat what's available so it is imperative that you surround them with healthier options to ensure a healthy choice.  Click here for a list of snack options.

4. Make family physical activity events realistic, fun and a priority.  Working out together is a great way to build family bonds.  Begin by assessing your family's activity level, identify areas to improve, be creative and include the kids.  Encouraging kids to be active when they are young establishes a routine that could stay with them throughout their life. 

5. Read to your child daily.  Reading everything from food labels to books to magazines is a great way to boost your child's brainpower.  Reading expands knowledge, awareness, stimulates creativity and imagination.  Reading is FUN-and-MENTAL.

Nutritious meals, healthy snacks, physical activity and reading daily are all critical components to raising a healthy child.  Make the commitment today to become a healthy family.  There's power in numbers!