The Hunt for Horseradish Root

This weekend was filled with warm weather, lots of sunshine and the hunt for fresh horseradish root.  Allergy season in Michigan can be brutal with increased pollen and pollutants.  As an herbalist, I seek and suggest natural relief for myself, friends, family and clients.  Identifying horseradish as one of the fastest ways to clear congestion, I added it to my grocery list.

To my surprise, the horseradish root in all 5 stores I visited were filled with mold.  The herb was wrapped in plastic in a few of the stores, while the others had the root in the leafy green section subjected to being sprayed with water several times throughout the day.  When purchasing horseradish look for roots that are firm and have no mold, soft or green spots. 

Horseradish is a great all purpose cold and sinus remedy.  It increases circulation and is a natural antibiotic that kills viruses as well as bacteria.  You should always use horseradish fresh, it will lose its potency if it is grated and stands too long.  You can, however, grate it and mix it with apple cider vinegar, placing it in a sealed container in the refrigerator.  This preparation will last indefinitely.  Always use / consume raw horseradish as cooking it takes away both the medicinal effect and its flavor.

My grocery store hunt for fresh, quality produce is all the reason to grow our own food.  Click here for a free e-book on growing your own nutrition and for horseradish recipes for cold, sinus and skin care, click here.