Childhood Obesity: A Parents Role in this Epidemic

I was invited to faciliate the discussion on Childhood Obesity at the Charles H. Wright Museum on April 20, 2013.  The group was made up of adults and children.  Questions arised about the amount of calories consumed, bad foods and over eating.  The truth is food products are not treated equally.  Thousands of new food-like items enter the marketplace each year lacking the proper nutrients to maintain optimal health.  In fact, foods most heavily targeted at children are energy-dense fast foods, carbonated soft drinks, sugary breakfast cereals and salty snacks -- all of which tend to be high in sugars, salt and fats.  Listed are 5 steps parents can take to assist in reversing the trend of childhood obesity.

1. Access your family's nutrition routine and plan the transitition for a healthier lifestyle.

2. Read and teach your children to read food labels and the ingredients of every food item purchased.  Understanding what's in your food and how it effects your health is important to maintaining a healthy weight.

3. Engage in physical activity as a family.  Be creative and include the kids. 

4. Grow your own food or shop your local farmer's market. 

5. Involve your child in planning meals, shopping for healthy foods and snacks and the preparation of meals.  Kids eat what's available, surround them with healthier options. 

Allow your dollars to speak for the world you wish to create.  Purchasing nutrient poor food-like products contributes to health issues, intellectual and developmental problesms reduced productivity and higher health care costs.  I hope you will explore and incorporate the steps mentioned above.  My greatest hope is to create greater harmony, health and wholeness.

Join me in creating a healthier generation.