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7 Trustworthy Home Remedies to Cure Laryngitis

March 24, 2016

Home Remedies to Cure Laryngitis - Did you ever wake up without your voice? I'm sure that many of you have experienced these symptoms. Laryngitis is an inflammation of the throat that makes you completely silently for a few days. Laryngitis presents itself with difficulty in speaking, voice husky with a sore throat. Sometimes it will be accompanied with fever, cough, congestion and irritation in the throat which you feel to remove it all the time.

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Herbal Secrets: Get to Know the Power of Eyebright

February 07, 2016

 Native to Europe, North America, and the western region of Asia, Eyebright has been used since at least the 1300s and continues to remain a popular and effective choice for treating eye infections or vision problems. The eyebright flowers are usually white or purple with a yellow tinge, getting its name from the flowers that look like eyes. 

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