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Drugging Our Water?

September 08, 2016












 “Drugging Our Water?” this was the battle cry for people who didn’t want fluoride added to their municipal water sources as a medicament. We don’t hear much about this anymore.  According to a newscast in the last century the altruistic dentists who promoted fluoridating the water should all be out of business by now.  Now that the dust has settled, we see that the cavity rate is not lower in fluoridated cities, and that maybe fluoride doesn’t prevent cavities. Interestingly we have more dentists than ever and they are all staying busy.  Just try to get an appointment at a reasonable time. 

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Five Nutritious Herbs and How to Use Them

August 01, 2016

When it comes to nutrition, much attention is given to fat, carbohydrates, and protein. While these macronutrients are certainly important, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and other micronutrients are also tremendously important when it comes to health and wellness. Often thought of as merely a flavoring agent, herbs are actually a tremendous way to add much needed micronutrients and their accompanying health benefits to your daily diet. Here’s a look at five top herbs and the way they can enhance your health and nutrition with their super powers.

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